About Us

Husband and Wife Team

Both born and raised in Polk County, FL, Tiffany and Jonathon are high school sweethearts who have worked hard to make their dreams a reality. Sharing a passion to own their own business and channeling their own individual strengths, they worked tirelessly to create a business they could share with others. Now, they are ready to help make your dreams reality - together!

About Tiffany - Owner, Planner & Coordinator

As the planner & coordinator, Tiffany works hard to bring the vision of your event to life! Dedicated and passionate, she will strive to meet your every need and enjoy every moment of it. She throws herself wholeheartedly into the process and you'll definitely see her shed a few tears as she shares in the love and excitement between her couples!

About Jonathon - Owner & Builder

 As a rancher, Jonathon enjoys working with the cattle on the property, with the help of the wonderful, loving barn dog, Benelli.  He enjoys continuously making improvements to the property and venue and assists in event decoration (at the strict instruction of Tiffany!), as needed.